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Design Fees

The design of your property can be approached in several ways. Services are tailored to match your needs and budget whether you require consulting, master plans or complete construction drawings. The level of services you need should be proportional to the investment you will be making.

My most practical and economical plan is a Half-Day Consultation and 11" X 17" Conceptual Master Plan. The half-day consultation is essentially a brainstorming session and is an efficient use of our time. Prior to our meeting, I ask that you send me a copy of your "loan survey" which shows the lot lines and footprint of the house. I will enlarge or reduce this document to a desirable scale and use it as a base map.  

If you do not have a survey you have two options.   For an additional $100 I will estimate the location of your house on the lot based on known property corners and your understanding of the lot lines (This is an "estimate" only and I do not guarantee accuracy).  The other option is to hire a registered land surveyor.  Loan surveys usually cost a minimum of $300 and up depending on acreage and complexity.

We begin the consultation by walking the property and discussing your needs. I will listen to your goals and make recommendations. We continue throughout the property until we have addressed all of your concerns. 

Next, I will update your survey and prepare a rough sketch of our ideas.  Once again, my survey information is approximate only.  I locate trees, drives, walks, outbuildings etc. with a Rangefinder accurate to +- 1 foot.  I "shoot grades" with a hand level and survey rod.  For more accuracy you can hire a registered surveyor.  The cost to locate trees and prepare a topographic map on a typical residential lot is usually a minimum of $500 and up.  

If it is beneficial and time allows I "walk you through the yard" and explain the concept while outlining the plan on the ground with a paint gun and flags.

The product for a half-day consultation is mailed to the client (no subsequent meetings are included in the flat fee) and includes the following:

  • Up to four (4) hours of on-site consultation
  • Plan marked and flagged on the site
  • A color copy of the Conceptual Master Plan inserted in the back of an information booklet with helpful design information, contractor and supplier lists, standard plant lists, etc.
  • A laminated color copy of the plan
  • Two (2) additional color copies and black and white copies of the Conceptual Master Plan for distribution to contractors
  • Up to one (1) hour of phone or email consultation after you receive the plan

The cost of a Half-Day Consultation and 11" X 17" Conceptual Master Plan is $850 for properties within 1 hour of my office in the Cave Spring area of Roanoke.

Fees are based on an hourly rate of $75. Travel time for properties more than an hour from my office is charged at my regular hourly rate.  

Payment is due upon receipt of plans or services.  A second notice will be sent if an invoice is more than 30 days overdue with an additional 5% processing fee.

Conceptual Master Plans are a great start for projects of any size but complex projects and landscape budgets over $15,000 may require more detailed plans. I also prepare Planting Plans, Construction Drawings, Grading and Drainage Plans, Lighting Plans, Irrigation Plans and Cost Estimates. I also provide Construction Administration (sending plans out for bids, reviewing the bids, reviewing the work, etc.) I will explain these additional services and offer a proposal upon request.

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