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How May I Be of Service To You?

Value and pleasure are added to your project when you utilize Dan Chitwood's time and talents. Dan Chitwood has knowledge and experience to guide you through any type of landscaping or outdoor construction project. Below are some ways Dan Chitwood can help make your project a success:

Save Money
Dan Chitwood can provide you with a complete set of construction drawings or planting plans. Contractors can use these plans to accurately estimate how much the project will cost, resulting in a fair and competitive price.
Save Time
Projects run smoother when everything is laid out properly. Good site plans communicate the project's objective to the contractor allowing you to spend less time answering the contractor's questions.
Fewer Headaches
Some contractors start construction without site plans with the the theory that they will solve problems as they arise. Why not solve problems before they arise?
Aesthetic Value
Your project will look picture perfect. Dan Chitwood can provide an artistic rendering of your project, showing what it will look like.
Functional Spaces
The function and flow of spaces will be improved because you took the time to study all the options and select the best arrangement.
Better Coordination
Walks, patios, lighting, irrigation, drainage, landscaping, etc. will be integrated instead of being an afterthought.
Quality Control
Complete construction drawings ensure that materials and installation meet the standard of quality you desire.
No Surprises
With plans, elevations, perspectives and details, Dan Chitwood can predict the future. No more guessing how things will turn out.
More Selection
Dan Chitwood can introduce you to a whole new world of construction products and plant materials. You are not limited to products that reflect the demand in this market.
Professional Design
All of Dan Chitwood's time and resources are devoted to site planning and landscape design.
Dan Chitwood's job is to help you achieve your goals regardless of whether you hire a contractor or do it yourself.

The list goes on but do not take my word for it. Ask some of the people who have used Dan Chitwood's services. References can be provided upon request.

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